Vogue Best dressed in 2010

Hello everyone!!! I know most of you already know (‘cas magazine came out last month) but I wanted to post about it… basically ‘cas this is my blog and I do what I want here LoL ;p

The Bombshell: Oh yes! that’s how they call to Blake Lively in Vogue Magazine… I don’t follow her but it’s true, her natural “forever summer” beauty makes you wonder why you’re not blond ¬¬


What I like about her, It’s that she’s completaly having fun with her status of “It Girl”

she can be young and sofisticated…

Lively in Marchesa

The Screen Siren: Marion Cotillard is the classic french girl (elegance after all)… she’s not very colorful but she’s as sexy as a real woman can be…

The independent: That’s Michelle Obama, young, profesional, mother and First Lady of one of the most important countries in the world… seems hard to believe she has some time to think about what she’s gonna wear… I’m sure she has some help, but even that her happiness and simplicity makes her own style…

The American Beauty: That’s Jessica Biel… Her femenine style makes her one of the sexiest sweethearts from the American Big Screen. She’s definitely one of my faves on this list


The street Cool: My favorite all year long… Alexa Chung. She’s fun, relaxed, young, free, so british!!! she’s the coolest girl everywhere she goes… could be Europe or America. Her “Chic Camdem” Style made me follow her during part of 2009 and all 2010


The Haute Bohemian: That’s Sarah Jessica Parker… her looks are just unbelievables and impossible to cheat… Because she’s always the perfect New York Queen…


The Concious Chic: Liya Kebede. Her fresh beauty macth perfectly with her sofistication. She’s cute and smart… definitely a girl to follow during 2011


The Free Spirit: Carey Mulligan… She’s just lovely!!! Her casual and her red carpet looks remind me of a doll… She’s a trully ladylike. She refreshs every look with her blooming spirit

The Neo-Classicist: That’s Shala Monroque… She’s becoming a real classic. Her style is always impeccable, that’s why she’s on these lists


The Visionary: Lady GaGa… she’s really out of this world. Her vision of fashion is fascinating everyone al around the Globe. ‘Cas she’s brave and a trully superstar. A Pop icon which styles will last forever…

Best dressed of Decade needs a whole post just for her 😉

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