I wanna be a fashion blogger

Hello world!!! I already have another blog about what I do and blah blah blah but It’s been years reading blogs like leblogdebetty, cherry blossom Girl, Closet Therapy, Lookbook… reading Vogues, Glamours, Teen Vogues, Harper’s Bazaars… and you know what… It’s time to admit I’m a fashion lover!!!

I probably don’t have as much money as many bloggers, but once in a while I get a deal and I like to share it with my friends… but is that enough to be a fashion blogger ¬¬ ? 

another BIG aspect is the TIME… I mean I have a job, and I also have to look for a real job… (I have a typical boring carreer that is completaly no related to fashion world: Law ¬¬)

Last month I read in a magazine (American Vogue Best Dressed special edition) that Mustaparta says her Goal is to feel confortable and confident, and not like anyone else… well She is the one in Vogue Magazine but that’s my Master Rule in fashion…

I just wanna be a free spirit!!! I’m not cute, I’m poor, I’m a boring lawyer without a “real” job (that likes to dress funny) but for the love of Lord I WANNA BE A FASHION BLOGGER!!!

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