Chanel Spring 2011

Tonight it’s raining in Barcelona, so I started blogging a little…

After checking Betty’s blog and her adventures in Berlin for Bread & Butter exhibition I couldn’t help remembering when that expo used to happen here… Now we have Brandery but I always thought original ideas are the best…

Anyway, after amuse myself with Jeremy Scott for Adidas (I can’t wait) I found this runaway that warmed me up on this cold and lonely night… can’t wait for a Chanel spring beggins…      

I hope you liked it 😉

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Inspired by Duffy

I know she’s not a must in fashion magazines but she’s definitely a must in my ipod…

and her music reminds me of the style I was looking for this season…

Easy & Soft


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Todo o Nada by Mario Testino

Last week I received some info from wordpress about my other blog status ( and I discovered the most visited post was Todo o Nada by Mario Testino.

Last october I had something to do in Madrid (I live in Barcelona if you don’t know) and I gave myself a break to stop at Thyssen Bornemisza to enjoy this photography exposition. It was awsome!!! I couldn’t help buying the book for my personal collection. And that’s what I’m gonna share with you on this post. Just forgive me for image quality, it’s all I could get with no flash…

But first a picture I love. The only one I could take inside the exposition, ‘cas like everybody knows it’s not allowed isn’t it? 😉


Book start with “Debutantes” London 2oo4

Lara Stone Paris 2007

Sasha Pivovarova London 2007

Stella Tennant New York 2006

Malgosia Bela Paris 2000

Shalom Harlow Paris 1995

Daria Werbowy Paris 2004

Sienna Miller Rome 2007

Natalia Vodianova Cannes 2007

  Lara Stone London 2009

Nicole Kidman London 2006

Linda Evangelista Paris 2006

Resse Witherspoon Paris 2008

Marina Dias Paris 2001

Daria Werbowy Los Angeles 2004

Natalia Vodianova Vienna 2006

Daria Werbowy New York 2010

Catherine Mcneil London 2007

Daria Werbowy Buenos Aires 2006

Sessilee Lopez and Edita Vilkeviciute New York 2008

Gemma Ward Lisbon 2005

Gemma Ward Los Angeles 2004

Meghan Douglas Paris 1995

Kirsten Dunst New York 2009

Eva Herzigova Rome 2006

Gisele Bündchen New York 2009

Stephanie Seymour, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell New York 2008


Edita Vilkeviciute New York 2009

Lara Stone Paris 2007

Patricia Schmid London 2005

Sasha Pivovarova London 2007

Natalia Vodianova London 2009

Kate Moss London 2008

Lara Stone Paris 2006

Natalia Vodianova Moscow 2008

Marina Dias Paris 2000

Doutzen Kroes New York 2008

Katrin Thormann London 2009

Patricia Schmid Paris 2006

Claudia Schiffer Paris 2008

Kate Moss London 2009

Cameron Diaz Los Angeles 2003

Stephanie Seymour New York 2009

Natalia Vodianova Cannes 2007

Gisele Bündchen New York 2009

Jennifer Aniston Los Angeles 2005

Daria Werbowy Paris 2010

Kate Winslet Paris 2010


Claudia Schiffer London 2007

Demi Moore New York 2003

Natalia Vodianova London 2009

Sienna Miller London 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow London 2008

Kate Moss London 2006

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Adidas by Stella McCartney fall-winter 2010

This is nothing new for fashion and sport lovers but my biggest promise for 2011 was to sport myself!!! That’s the main reason of this post 

I’d never been very sporty, but I must confess this collection is helping  a lot to change my view of sports

and Sales are almost here!!! so even better… This 2011 is gonna be very sporty 😉


I hope this post can help all people that promised to work themselves out this year!!!


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Best Dressed of the Decade: Kate Moss

In 2010

A new decade is about to start in few days, yes a decade!!!

But who is being a “Must” in late fashion all these years is Kate, forever Kate


In 2009

In 2008

In 2007

In 2006

In 2005

In 2004

In 2003

In 2002

In 2001

In 2000

Of course in this little post there’s nothing of her style evolution… She’s been the best dressed always…

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Vogue Best dressed in 2010

Hello everyone!!! I know most of you already know (‘cas magazine came out last month) but I wanted to post about it… basically ‘cas this is my blog and I do what I want here LoL ;p

The Bombshell: Oh yes! that’s how they call to Blake Lively in Vogue Magazine… I don’t follow her but it’s true, her natural “forever summer” beauty makes you wonder why you’re not blond ¬¬


What I like about her, It’s that she’s completaly having fun with her status of “It Girl”

she can be young and sofisticated…

Lively in Marchesa

The Screen Siren: Marion Cotillard is the classic french girl (elegance after all)… she’s not very colorful but she’s as sexy as a real woman can be…

The independent: That’s Michelle Obama, young, profesional, mother and First Lady of one of the most important countries in the world… seems hard to believe she has some time to think about what she’s gonna wear… I’m sure she has some help, but even that her happiness and simplicity makes her own style…

The American Beauty: That’s Jessica Biel… Her femenine style makes her one of the sexiest sweethearts from the American Big Screen. She’s definitely one of my faves on this list


The street Cool: My favorite all year long… Alexa Chung. She’s fun, relaxed, young, free, so british!!! she’s the coolest girl everywhere she goes… could be Europe or America. Her “Chic Camdem” Style made me follow her during part of 2009 and all 2010


The Haute Bohemian: That’s Sarah Jessica Parker… her looks are just unbelievables and impossible to cheat… Because she’s always the perfect New York Queen…


The Concious Chic: Liya Kebede. Her fresh beauty macth perfectly with her sofistication. She’s cute and smart… definitely a girl to follow during 2011


The Free Spirit: Carey Mulligan… She’s just lovely!!! Her casual and her red carpet looks remind me of a doll… She’s a trully ladylike. She refreshs every look with her blooming spirit

The Neo-Classicist: That’s Shala Monroque… She’s becoming a real classic. Her style is always impeccable, that’s why she’s on these lists


The Visionary: Lady GaGa… she’s really out of this world. Her vision of fashion is fascinating everyone al around the Globe. ‘Cas she’s brave and a trully superstar. A Pop icon which styles will last forever…

Best dressed of Decade needs a whole post just for her 😉

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I wanna be a fashion blogger

Hello world!!! I already have another blog about what I do and blah blah blah but It’s been years reading blogs like leblogdebetty, cherry blossom Girl, Closet Therapy, Lookbook… reading Vogues, Glamours, Teen Vogues, Harper’s Bazaars… and you know what… It’s time to admit I’m a fashion lover!!!

I probably don’t have as much money as many bloggers, but once in a while I get a deal and I like to share it with my friends… but is that enough to be a fashion blogger ¬¬ ? 

another BIG aspect is the TIME… I mean I have a job, and I also have to look for a real job… (I have a typical boring carreer that is completaly no related to fashion world: Law ¬¬)

Last month I read in a magazine (American Vogue Best Dressed special edition) that Mustaparta says her Goal is to feel confortable and confident, and not like anyone else… well She is the one in Vogue Magazine but that’s my Master Rule in fashion…

I just wanna be a free spirit!!! I’m not cute, I’m poor, I’m a boring lawyer without a “real” job (that likes to dress funny) but for the love of Lord I WANNA BE A FASHION BLOGGER!!!

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